Frederic Morton once said:

“Life without chocolate is life lacking something important.“

For more than 100 years, Altmann & Kühne have been producing hand-manufactured miniature chocolate delights (hand-manufacturing up to the present day) and distributing it all over the world. The confectioner’s business was founded by Emil Altmann and Ernst Kühne. Their exquisite creations quickly established a reputation in the 1930s. Three central locations in Vienna stood for the enterprise’s success and it managed to prosper in the years before and in between wartime. It is said that Altmann & Kühne have also provided their goods to the imperial palace in Vienna, which means that the enterprise was probably ranked as „K.u.K.-Lieferant“ (Imperial Caterer) – but unfortunately all documents proving this were lost.

Not only is the confectioner’s shop at “Am Graben” situated at one of the most beautiful addresses in the heart of Vienna, it is an attraction itself, designed by the star architect of the time Josef Hofmann. The shop is still in its original design and is now listed as a historical monument. These premises provide the perfect location for the large quantity of various beautifully designed boxes, for example hatboxes, chests of drawers and many more. The boxes are covered with wrapping paper especially designed by the Wiener Werkstaette, making each box a work of art.

The fact that Altmann & Kühne survived the Second World War as a business is owned to Mrs Mercek, who managed the shop in the face of the great adversities of that time, when Mr Kühne had to flee the Nazis.

Anyone who would like to read more about the eventful history of the traditional company
founded in 1928 now has the opportunity to do so. "Confectionery Altmann & Kühne – A success story from Vienna" by author Sylvia Festa describes the history of the two Jewish families Altmann and Kühne and their extraordinary Viennese confectionery. She explores the phenomenal rise in the 1930s, but also the terrible times of persecution, the imprisonment, the flight and the difficult new start in the United States. But she also tells the story of who brought a breath of fresh air back into the venerable, listed business and continues to run it successfully today with a great deal of sensitivity for the noble.

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The manufacture’s success in the present day is based on the niche it managed to carve for itself. Our customers’ profiles vary as greatly as the shapes of our boxes, be it a Japanese tourist, the wife of an ambassador with her bodyguard, Hollywood actresses or Viennese citizens: everyone is welcome here.